Insulators Local 33 history

In January 1913, J.E. Simonds, W.J. Jones, R.L. Chamberlain, E. Steinback, E.J. Kiley, A. Shoard and H. Schewinacker bound together in solidarity to form and become charter members of Local 33, Connecticut. From the foresight of our founding fathers, through the generations of fathers and uncles and brothers and now even our sisters, Local 33 persevered through each decade. We had our share of ups and downs, from the Great Depression to the economic boom of the 50’s and 60’s, enduring every economic cycle to the present, yet always remaining loyal to our local!

Continuously striving for better wages benefits and working conditions, Local 33 established a Pension Plan. Then we developed a Health Care Plan, an Annuity Plan and an Apprenticeship Program, all working in unison with our signatory contractors. The trustees both management and labor, throughout the years diligently fought, sometimes with each other to maintain and preserve all our Funds. Local 33 would like to take this opportunity to thank all our signatory contractors past and present.

The Insulation Industry has changed and evolved over the years, from cement and canvas, to PVC jacketing to Zestons. One thing has remained a constant; the IAHFIAW was one of the first trade unions and remains at the forefront of green technology. We are often over looked in our contribution to our Country’s energy conservation policy, and to the lessening of our dependency on foreign oil. Our degree of professionalism is our trademark, from insulating a simple toilet battery to installing insulation to the head of a nuclear reactor. We are proud of our profession and our contributions to an energy independent America.

The officers and members of Local 33 would like to take this opportunity to honor our forefathers and families and to thank all of you who have made the last 103 years successful. We also want to recognize and thank our International Officers, for without their strength and leadership none of our accomplishments would have been possible. 

                                                                   In Solidarity,                          
                                                            Local 33 Connecticut.