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Already in the trade? Many insulators and related trades workers, without the benefits of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, have toiled for years and acquired no savings, retirement, or vitally needed medical benefits.

This is the result of a system that strives to drive down the cost of labor and discard workers at will with no regard for them.

Whether you have exemplary work skills and experience or are without all of the required training and need assistance in upgrading education and skills, we can deliver the best opportunity to receive the appropriate financial rewards for your work as we help maximize your earning potential as an in-demand journeyman insulator.

If you are interested in joining Insulators Local Union No.33 you will need to:

  • Submit an application to Local 33
  • Click Here to upload the Apprenticeship Application for Membership 



Get hands-on training and earn-while-you-learn as a mechanical insulation apprentice. Click here


The program is structured for entry-level workers, as well as for insulation workers already employed within the industry who wish to upgrade their skills and to advance to journeyman status, at the same time benefiting from membership in the Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union.

We provide the highest level of on-the-job training and classroom instruction, so that our apprentices are fully qualified to meet the professional challenges of the insulation industry.

The 1,600 hour-per-year program is structured for:

  • Entry-level workers
  • Those already working in the insulation industry who wish to upgrade their skills and to advance to journeyman status


As an apprentice, you will be assigned to work for an insulation contractor, working side-by-side with experienced journeymen.

As you progress, you will be assigned increasingly complicated tasks requiring less supervision. Gradually, your sense of pride, independence, and self-confidence will grow.

You will also receive 4 weeks per year of classroom instruction. The classrooms are structured in a personalized environment where you will receive the one-on-one attention needed with one of our instructors.  Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you will take an examination to demonstrate your mastery of the knowledge and skills you have been taught.


  • Proper Insulation procedures for insulating Heating systems, AC systems, High-Pressure Steam systems, Refrigeration systems, and more
  • OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Safety Training Courses
  • Firestop
  • 3E Energy Audits
  • CPR and First Aid Training Courses
  • Professional Code of Conduct Program


The average starting wage for first-year apprentices is 50% of the mechanics’ wage rate, plus benefits. Your earnings will be adjusted upward each year to reflect your advancing skills and increasing knowledge of the trade.

Don’t wait to finish your training to begin earning a living. Start building economic security and long-term stability now.

  • Click Here to upload the Apprenticeship Application for Membership
  • Mail to: 616 South Colony Road, Wallingford, CT 06492
  • You may also email application to

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